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Here you will find answers to questions frequently asked from FRS, categorized by topic!

My employee is an EU citizen. Do they need a residence permit?
Not as such, but also EU nationals have to consider immigration aspects when their stay in Finland is long enough. Additionally, other local administrative registrations are always needed for EU citizens. Read more about EU-citizens right of residence

How long does EU citizen's registration process take?
The registration application for an EU citizen can be processed only after the employment relationship has started. The processing requires visiting the Migri in Finland. However, the involvement of FRS often ensures that the applications are processed during the visit itself. If the application cannot be processed immediately, we can usually guarantee quick processing.

We don't know which type of residence permit we should choose for our new employee. Can you help?
Our immigration services always start with a permit-type assessment. We also provide permit assessments separately from our permit service, so yes, we can help!

We are hiring from outside the EU; what is labour market testing? Labour Market Testing means that the TE Office (Employment and Economic Development Office) assesses whether there is available workforce in Finland or in EU/EEA countries in a specific field. When you are starting the recruitment process, we can guide you on whether labour market testing is required and how to draft the job advertisement so that the needed requirements are met and the process is not prolonged.

What is the Fast Track?
The Fast Track is a process implemented for professionals, ICT permit applicants, as well as startup entrepreneurs, and their family members to apply for a residence permit. The decision is made within a maximum of 14 days from the date of application, regardless of the country of origin. The Fast Track requires the employer to use EnterFinland, but you can authorize FRS to handle this on your behalf.

What is the employer's EnterFinland? The employer's EnterFinland is a service maintained by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) through which the employer can supplement their employees' permit applications and submit a notification to the TE Office regarding the hiring of a foreign national.

The amendment to the Aliens Act obligates the employer to fill in the employment terms in EnterFinland if possible (otherwise on a paper form).

Can we hire an employee who already has a residence permit in Finland? What should be considered? The employer must verify the foreign national's right to work. It is important to pay attention to any restrictions that may apply to the permit, such as specific professions or employers. Additionally, the employer must notify the TE Office of the employment terms for non-EU nationals. We would be happy to take care of the employer's obligations on your behalf! Read more about our services for Easy Employment.

Is it the employer's responsibility to handle the renewal of employees' permits? There is no obligation to do so, but the employer should always ensure that the employee has a valid right to work. FRS's permit reminder service is a solution to this. We send reminders about expiring permits, and then you can choose whether to order our permit renewal service.

One of our new hires has already arrived in Finland but has faced problems with local practicalities and finding a new home. Would you be able to help with short notice?
Absolutely. Service initiation is quick and we can assign a personal relocation consultant to your employee with a very short notice.

We’re planning to recruit several new hires from abroad. Which services do you recommend for us?
The suitable services depend on several factors, including nationality, dependents, and the scope of relocation needs. We ensure that our services are ideally suited to your business to provide the best possible mobility experience for your employees. Contact us so that we can discuss more about how we can meet your needs. 

So far, we’ve been taking care of our newcomers by ourselves. How would we benefit from using your services?
Productivity is increased when all parties can focus on their core tasks. Financially, your business will benefit from cost efficiency, lower retention costs, and more accurate forecasting. Additionally, you improve your business image and ensure happy long-term employees. You can calculate the price for relocation services from our Quote Calculator

One of our employees needs to be transferred from Finland to a new host country. Do you provide outbound services?
Sure! Through our extensive global network, we can provide outbound relocation services to where your business needs them.

We are in the process of hiring a new employee. We want to convince our ideal candidate to move to Finland. Can you assist in this?
We would be honored to! We offer recruitment-phase consulting to set the expectations on the correct level and provide support to bring out the relevant pull factors for the candidate. We also organize pre-visits so that the candidate can see first-hand what his or her potential new home country is like and what they can expect in terms of support.

Our employee is moving to Finland and would like to rent a permanent apartment right away. Is this possible? Renting an apartment in Finland before arrival can be challenging. Many rental companies require a personal identification number, even for viewing purposes. However, we have good relationships with local real estate agents, so in some cases, we can negotiate signing a lease agreement before obtaining a Finnish personal identification number.

Additionally, we offer a virtual apartment search service where our consultants visit the apartment and showcase it, along with the surrounding area, via video call, providing the newcomer with the most realistic impression of what they are renting.

What other accommodation options do we have for the employee's first days besides booking a hotel? We can arrange temporary accommodation for the desired period based on the newcomer's needs. We can provide guidance in choosing a suitable accommodation solution, as the accommodation plays a significant role in the address registrations.

We ensure that all accommodation options are in good condition, furnished, and suitable for local registrations so that practical matters can be handled smoothly and quickly.

We understand the need for spousal support but do not have the resources to assist in this area. Do your services touch up on this?
Recognizing that the spouse and family also need support is already a tremendous first step. We’ve been supporting families for 25 years, and our staff has personal experience in family relocations. Our core services for families cover all the necessities regarding authorities and spousal support add-ons are the perfect solution for this. Read more about spouse support from services for Easy Living

I have signed a work contract with a Finnish company. How fast can I get a residence permit?
The permit processing times depend on the authorities and may vary. It is important to fill out the residence permit application timely, carefully and attach all required documents correctly. The processing time starts only when the applicant has visited a Finnish mission or VFS Application Centre for authentication. Note that decisions on permits are granted by authorities on an individual basis.

Can I bring my family along to Finland based on my work contract in Finland? 
Your immediate family members can apply for a residence permit based on family ties. There are certain conditions that apply, and the permit decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. 

I am coming to Finland from another EU country. Do I need to follow some formalities after my arrival?
Yes, you need to register your right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Services if you stay in Finland for longer than three months. 

I am moving to Finland from outside of the EU, and I have heard that I should register myself at the local register office. Is that correct?
Yes, you need to visit a local register office in person, even if you have been issued the personal identity code prior to your arrival in Finland. 

The type of registration in the local register office depends on the duration of your stay in Finland, whether you move to Finland temporarily or permanently. It also depends on your residence permit type and country of origin (if you come from the EU or from outside of the EU).

How is the tax percentage calculated in Finland? What is progressive tax? What other social contributions are deducted from my salary?
There is progressive taxation in Finland. This means that your tax treatment depends on your income – the more you earn, the more tax you pay during the calendar year. 

In addition to the tax payment, employee needs to contribute from their gross salary compulsory social security contributions. Employer will withhold these payments directly from the cross salary at the time of salary payment. In the year 2023, these deductions are 8,65% (if the employee is less than 53 years old).

You can estimate your tax payment by using the tax calculator.

What is the average rent of an apartment in Finland? 
The rent of the apartment depends, for example, on the city and the exact location within the city (e.g., city center rents are normally higher), size, access to public transportation, and the current rental market availability. For example, one-bedroom monthly rent in the Helsinki region may vary between 800 to 1500 Euro/month.

What other costs, such as water and electricity, will I have to pay in addition to the rent?
In Finland, the rent usually includes a water deposit payment based on the number of occupants (often around 15-20 EUR/month/person). This payment is reconciled annually based on actual consumption.

Tenants are responsible for arranging their own electricity contract, and the price is determined by a base fee and consumption. Fixed-term contracts are often slightly more affordable.

Tenants are also required to have their own home insurance, the price of which varies based on the size of the apartment. Roughly estimated, the cost of home insurance for a one-bedroom apartment can be around 150 EUR/year.

In addition to these, depending on the apartment, there may be other possible costs such as internet, parking space, sauna fee, laundry facilities, and for detached houses, waste management.

Do I need to pay a deposit for rental housing in Finland? Yes, depending on the landlord (private vs. agency), a deposit equivalent to 1-3 months' rent is typically paid when renting, known as a 'vuokravakuus', which is refunded after the end of the tenancy.

Are rental apartments in Finland furnished?
Generally, rental apartments in Finland are unfurnished, but furnished options are also available.

What is the typical duration of rental agreements in Finland? The majority of landlords require a minimum commitment of one year for tenancy.