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Support for Finnish Employers

Support for Finnish Employers 

Partner makes Global Relocations easier

Ensure your employees' relocations to foreign countries are seamless and go as planned. FRS supports you by addressing the unique challenges of global relocations, making the process smooth for both the organization and the employee.

työntekijöiden lähettäminen kolmansien maiden välillä

Facilitating Moves Between Third Countries

Simplifying Tri-Nation Relocations

Managing employee relocations involving three countries can be intricate. With FRS by your side, benefit from our vast experience in coordinating multi-country movements, ensuring each step is meticulously planned and executed

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Foreign companies expanding to Finland

Venturing into New Global Frontiers

If you are looking to new markets in Finland without establishing a branch office, EOR -services might be the right solution for you.

A Registered Employer of Record (EOR) takes legal responsibility for employment-related matters concerning international workers. 

With Finland Relocation Services, you will:

➡️ ...Gain access to our carefully vetted international network. We ensure that all our partners share our values and uphold the same premium quality standards, guaranteeing trusted collaborations no matter the location.

➡️ ...Be assured that your employees will receive consistent HR and Global Mobility policies, ensuring the same level of care and guidance globally as implemented in your home country.






➡️ ...Benefit from our decades of expertise; we have been supporting businesses in Global Mobility since 1994.

➡️ ...Acquire a dedicated partner for your international growth. We are committed to helping you succeed.

Helping corporates to relocate their employees worldwide since 1994

Over 30,000 happy transferees. More than 350 satisfied corporate clients. 

Case Stories

"Moving abroad during a pandemic was overwhelming, but with the help of Finland Relocation Services (FRS) and their local partner in Singapore, Relo Network Asia, I was able to navigate the complexities with ease. From organizing my life in Finland to settling into Singapore, FRS and Relo Network Asia took care of everything – insurance, banking matters, employment contracts, healthcare appointments, and even Covid-19 restrictions and quarantine arrangements.

I was especially grateful for their assistance in finding a hotel with a balcony for my quarantine period and helping me navigate the heated housing market in Singapore. Starting a new life abroad is challenging, but with the support of FRS and their local partners, I was able to transition smoothly and start my new chapter in Singapore with confidence."

Liisa, Relocated from Finland to Singapore Telecommunications Industry Professional

“People think it’s easy to relocate between the Nordic countries, but it’s not always true. There are a lot of similarities but also differences, so professional relocation services, and cultural training are incredibly helpful also for Finns who move to Sweden. And it’s even more important for third-country nationals moving from Finland to Sweden. So it’s good for employers to know that moving to Sweden is like moving to any other country.

In addition, Swedish landlords don’t trust private individuals, but they want to lease to companies. So if the employer isn’t willing to rent the apartment, having a trusted relocation agency may help.”

Lena Rekdal, Founder of Nimmersion Swedish relocation company

Posted worker – employer’s responsibilities

Nowadays, more and more employees are interested in an international career, and many Finnish companies operate globally. An employee may be enticed by the opportunity to move to a foreign branch of the same employer. What does this mean for the employer? And what if the employee is sent to a country where the employer does not have a business unit?

Finland Relocation Services Posted worker – employer’s responsibilities

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They trust on our outbound services


What are outbound services?

Outbound Services with FRS consist of relocation destination services abroad from Finland, relocation destination services between third countries, and global EOR services. 

Why should a company consider utilizing outbound services?

Companies should consider utilizing outbound services because they:

  • Ensure a seamless relocation process, reducing downtime and productivity loss.
  • Enhance the experience for employees, making them feel valued and supported.
  • Minimize potential legal or compliance issues related to international relocations.
  • Foster quicker adaptation to the new environment, resulting in enhanced performance.
  • Can be a competitive edge in talent acquisition and retention, as they demonstrate a company's commitment to employee well-being.
What services are included in your outbound service package?

Our services can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each customer. However, usually outbound services contain some or all of the following: 

  • Pre-departure orientation and cultural training.
  • Assistance with visa and immigration documentation.
  • Help in finding suitable housing in the destination country.
  • School search support for employees with children.
  • Language training courses.
  • Support in opening bank accounts, acquiring local insurance, and other administrative tasks.
What is required from the company when sending the employee abroad?

It depends on whether the employee is moving to another country permanently, or if they are a posted worker. You can read more about employers' responsibilities regarding posted workers from here

Depending on the country, there might be different types of corporate documentation required. Our global partners make sure you fill all the country-specific requirements when ordering outbound services from us. 

How does the immigration process look like?

The immigration process varies from country to country. Also, the moving employee's nationality affects the process, so there is no easy answer for this. 

Our immigration specialist will help you with the assessment of the right residence permit type, depending on the situation. 

How long will it take to obtain the residence permit/start working abroad?

Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this, since the residence permit process varies so much depending on the country. 

Our specialists will do their best to find the most effective solution and go through the process as fast as possible so that your employee can start working in the destination country in your timeline. 

Destination settling-in services (housing, local registrations, etc.) can be started immediately when the employee has reached their destination country. 

Where can you provide these services?

Our global destination service provider network covers over 50 countries and 350+ global partners.

EOR services can also be provided almost all around the world. 

Can outbound services be utilized for temporary or short-term relocations?

Yes, outbound services can be tailored to suit both long-term and short-term relocations. For temporary or short-term assignments, services might focus more on temporary housing solutions, short-term vehicle leasing, and other specific needs associated with limited-duration stays.

How do outbound services assist with the logistical challenges of moving abroad, such as finding housing or schooling for employees' children?

One of the most crucial parts of international employee relocation is the destination services provided in the new country.

We have a wide global network with trusted partners, who will take care of the destination services. Using local partners ensures that we can provide up-to-date knowledge of the best neighborhoods and areas that fit the employee's lifestyle and budget, information on the best local schools, including international or bilingual options, organizing school visits in person, etc. 

By handling these intricate details in-person in the destination country, it will enable employees to focus on their job and personal adjustment, rather than getting bogged down with logistical challenges.

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