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EURA Global Quality Seal+

Eura Global Quality Seal | Finland Relocation

Finland Relocation Services is a full member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and thus is bound by EuRA’s ethics and Rules of Conduct. The stated aim of EuRA is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding employee mobility. Furthermore, EuRA enhances industry performance standards by communication and education.

Finland Relocation Services obtained the EuRA Global Quality Seal+ in 2008. Every two years, an external auditor assesses whether FRS still meets the recertification requirements. EuRA audited FRS operations again in December 2022.

Based on an ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA GQS+ specifies the
processes and KPIs, which reflect the very highest standards in a number of different areas that are regularly updated to also reflect the changing global mobility trends. Customer satisfaction is one of the key quality requirements. Other areas examined in the audit include work processes, leadership practices, employees’ well-being, and documentation. As a full member awarded with the EuRA Global Quality Seal+, Finland Relocation Services demonstrates a total commitment to quality.

Parent company:


FRS is a part of the working life company Barona. Founded in 1999, Barona is the sixth largest employer in Finland. Every year, Barona employs more than 30,000 employees in various fields for customers and its own companies. Barona operates in over 30 locations in Finland and internationally in nine countries.

One of Barona's strategic priorities is services related to the international workforce. FRS & Barona can offer comprehensive solutions along the entire international recruitment path. Barona takes care of international recruitment reliably, ethically, and responsibly. Together, we take care not only of finding the right talent but also of cultural and motivational factors and employee adaptation so that employees commit to work and the new culture.

Barona community partners:

NorthStar Talent | International IT recruitment

Another Barona community member is our Nordic sister company NorthStar Talent, an agency focused on international IT recruitment. Together we work on building a comprehensive end-to-end service, supporting our customers from talent attraction, recruitment, talent selection, employment, relocation, and all the way to a successful induction process. 

Arffmann | Cultural Coaching

Successfully retaining international talent requires additional effort. We strongly believe that well-integrated professional immigrants strengthen and enrich our society. This is why we take our mission one step further and aim to facilitate their families' integration. We believe this contributes to retaining valuable talent and the long-term well-being of our Nordic society. We offer spouse career coaching, cultural coaching, and language training in co-operation with our sister company Arffman.

Other local partners:

Premium Group | International Taxation

To solve the complexities of demanding international taxation, we partner with Premium Group. Premium Group offers a unique service, combining law and finances, enabling our customers, both employers and individuals, to focus on their core competencies. 

Global Network

One cannot be a part of an international industry without being a part of international communities and organizations. That is why Finland Relocation Services joined the leading global international mobility and relocation networks. As a full member of EuRA (European Relocation Association), we continuously cooperate with our international partners. FRS is the first and only Finnish company to be awarded the EuRA Global Quality Seal – the industry’s international quality accreditation.

It is through these strategic partnerships that the world’s leading relocation management companies (RMC) as well as immigration management companies (IMC) recognize FRS as the leading immigration and relocation service provider in Finland. Today we continue to be a trusted destination services provider for many of our global partners. 

We work closely with our international partners to provide our customers with comprehensive outbound and global mobility services. Our partner network outreach covers over 500 destinations in almost all countries in the world. Our international network provides us with insight into global industry trends and best practices. 


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