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We offer comprehensive integration services to help international talents feel at home in their new society, including online language training, spouse and family support, and integration support such as cultural training and networking events.

Integrated into the society

We strongly believe that well-integrated immigrants strengthen and enrich our society. For this reason, employers should also invest in the integration of new international employees into Finland and ensure the adaptation of their spouses and family members. By doing so, we promote the retention of valuable talents in the Nordic countries and increase the long-term well-being of our society.

Responsibility, courage, and collaboration are values that guide us in our daily work at Finland Relocation Services. Together, we promote equal and ethical working life by encouraging transparent practices that support diversity and respect differences. In our eyes, everyone deserves to find their place in the workforce.

We offer employers services that support the integration of employees and their families into society, such as Finnish language training, cultural orientation programs, and spouse career coaching. By investing in these services, we ensure that employees and their families can give their best at work and build a happy life in their new home country. This also supports the success of the company and the commitment of employees.

Finland Relocation Services is here to assist employers and employees in their adaptation and integration. Through collaboration, we can achieve a better and happier working life for all parties involved.

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Spouse Support -program

The successful integration of a spouse into their new home country is a vital aspect of an international relocation. This transition not only affects the individual's well-being but also has a significant impact on the motivation and satisfaction of the employed partner. Understanding this, Finland Relocation Services has developed a comprehensive Spouse Support program designed to increase the chances of the spouse finding fulfilling activities, whether that be meaningful work, educational opportunities, social networking, or volunteering.

Our Spouse Support program consists of four alternative modules tailored to cater to individual interests and experiences:

  1. FRS Employment Program
  2. FRS Studying Opportunities Program
  3. FRS Social Networking Program
  4. FRS Volunteering Program

Our approach is personalized and thorough:

Pre-Consultation: Each spouse has unique needs and interests. We begin by interviewing the client to understand their preferences and aspirations. This initial consultation helps us provide services that are specifically tailored to make the spouse feel at home in Finland.

Meet & Brief: Based on the information obtained during the pre-consultation, an FRS representative will discuss in greater detail the selected program that aligns with the spouse's interests and previous experiences.

Core Service: Depending on the chosen program, FRS provides individual training, guidance, advice, and support to meet the desired goals. This could include tailored assistance in application processes, connecting the spouse with relevant organizations, or arranging visits and meetings.

Follow-Up: To ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support, each spouse is provided with a personal FRS mentor. The mentor ensures that the agreed activities proceed as planned, and regular follow-up meetings are held to review progress and suggest the next steps. This continuous, positive, inspirational support helps keep the spouse focused and motivated throughout their journey.

At FRS, our mission is to support every family member in their relocation to Finland, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and integrated into their new home.

Finnish Language Courses

We understand the challenges immigrants face when moving to a new country. One of the critical obstacles often encountered is the language barrier, which can impact their ability to find work and integrate into society. Recognizing this, we have partnered with Arffman, the largest trainer of adult immigrants in Finland, to offer comprehensive language services to those relocating here. Since 1999, Arffman has been delivering immigrant training programs across Finland.  

One of these language services is an online Finnish language course. This course is designed to take students from beginner to basic language skill level (A2) in just a few months. The flexibility of the online format allows participants to join lessons from any location, using any device, and at any skill level.

The course provides the following:

  • Real-time instruction: At the beginner level, live online classes are held three times a week in a small group setting, increasing to five times a week at other levels.
  • Guided independent study: Twice a week, students have the opportunity for independent study using Suomi-hubi materials.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Participants can access study materials on their own devices without any need for additional purchases or commutes.
  • Personalized learning path: Students can start at their own level, ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including personal and social life, housing, everyday activities, society, nature and environment, hobbies, health and wellbeing, and work life and education. The teaching is organized in cycles, allowing students to join at any time and move between skill levels according to their own abilities.

Cultural Trainings

Cultural understanding is a cornerstone of successful international relocation and integration. We recognize the importance of cultural training for both the individuals moving to Finland and the local teams welcoming these newcomers.

Cultural Training for Incoming Talent

For those moving to Finland, we offer comprehensive cultural training programs designed to ease the transition. Our programs provide in-depth insights into Finnish society, customs, and work culture, helping individuals understand and navigate their new environment. Participants learn about local etiquette, communication styles, and societal values, which are key to building successful personal and professional relationships.

Cultural Training for Local Teams

Welcoming a new member from a different culture into your team can be an enriching experience, but it can also come with challenges. To facilitate smooth integration, we provide cultural training to local teams. This training fosters understanding and appreciation of the new member’s culture, encourages open communication, and equips the team with strategies to overcome potential cultural barriers.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that values diversity and promotes mutual respect and understanding. This approach ensures that everyone, whether new to Finland or welcoming newcomers, can work harmoniously and productively together.

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