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Why use relocation services?

The sending abroad or settling in of an employee requires significantly more effort than is usually understood; official registrations, banking, accommodation and related contracts, potential schools and daycares, all must be considered and taken into account. Why outsource your company’s relocations?

Organizational productivity

  • Managerial resources are not tied to supervising the successful settling in of a new employee.
  • The acquisition of necessary specialized skills requires additional effort. This is typically no one’s primary responsibility.
  • When using the company’s own resources, the risk of errors is higher. Tasks usually also take significantly longer to finish.
  • Outsourcing relocation to an experienced partner frees up HR staff to do what they are the best at.

Employee’s productivity

  • Getting a new employee to be fully productive takes time, and this time is significantly longer if relocation matters are weighing on his or her head.
  • The time spent on the obligatory steps is away from working hours.
  • A motivated employee is a productive employee.

Avoiding retention expenses

  • Premature termination of employment causes significant expenses
  • Activities aimed at committing an employee to the company (including relocation services) offer protection against these expenses.
  • In particular the family’s enjoyment and the smooth management of their needs plays a vital role.
  • There is only once chance for a company to make a first impression, positive early experiences carry significant weight in employees’ commitment.


  • Well handled relocation of employees strengthens a company’s image as a good employer, making it easier to attract and retain talent in the future. Poorly or inexperiencedly managed relocation on the other hand damages this image and may make it more difficult to attract key talent in the future.


  • Moving is one of the three most stressful situations in a person’s life, following the death of a loved one and divorce.
  • A stressed employee can’t work at full capacity.
  • Using a professional relocation service provider reduces this stress and is a good investment.

We will help you succeed

International mobility brings with it challenges that every organization and individual will need to face. To overcome these challenges we at FRS have successfully supported our clients for over 20 years. To show for this we have consistently excellent customer satisfaction, the most prestigious quality certificate in our field as first in Finland, as well as tens of thousands of successful relocations.

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Our services

Immigration services

When the official necessities are painlessly handled, time and money will be saved, the newcomer will be able to concentrate on work, and settling in will be effortless.

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Relocation services

Moving to a new country is often a difficult operation and one of the most stressful experiences of one’s life, so why not make it easy? When all relocation matters are professionally handled, life in the new country will be off to a problem-free start.

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Other services

International mobility may provide challenges to both organizations and individuals. Intercultural training, international moves, taxation, consultation, and language training are all parts of a comprehensive relocation program.

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