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Times are changing, globalization is the new norm and national borders no longer limit human capital acquisition. To stay competitive, employers should actively explore recruitment options abroad. Unfortunately, companies are often discouraged by the complexity of international recruitment. Tied managerial resources, lack of specialized skills and low retention rates shadow global mobility.

This does not have to be the case for your business. By partnering with an experienced relocation service provider, you free up HR and leadership staff to do what they are best at. Regardless of your industry or size, you can benefit from FRS Easy Landing services.

Immigration services

When the official necessities are painlessly handled, time and money will be saved, the newcomer will be able to concentrate on work, and settling in will be effortless.

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Relocation services

Moving to a new country is often a difficult operation and one of the most stressful experiences of one’s life, so why not make it easy? When all relocation matters are professionally handled, life in the new country will be off to a problem-free start.

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Other services

International mobility may provide challenges to both organizations and individuals. Intercultural training, international moves, taxation, consultation, and language training are all parts of a comprehensive relocation program.

Professional relocation services

The sending abroad or settling in of an employee requires significantly more effort than is usually understood; official registrations, banking, accommodation and related contracts, potential schools and daycares, all must be considered and taken into account. Why outsource your company’s relocations?


What are the first actions to take into consideration when hiring a professional from abroad?

Download our guide and let’s check the steps together!

5 steps to recruit a foreign professional


Attracting talent is a major problem in all western countries. Also in Finland. Our relocation programs are designed to support your company’s international growth and help overcome the challenges of international recruitments.

Services in Finland

We identify your needs and tailor our programs to fit your company culture and operations. Our standard programs can be modified as needed. Additionally, we can provide add-on services such as pre-visits, temporary accommodation, moving services and language training. Service initiation can be done quickly and with ease. We take care of the rest.

Services in Finland
Services abroad

Are you sending your employees abroad or transferring between third countries? We can offer our clients services globally through a single-provider solution. Regardless of the host country, all relocation and immigration formalities will be professionally handled according to host country requirements and circumstances, supervised and tracked by our team in Finland.

Services abroad


“The help of a relocation expert is really needed when employees move from one country to another. I appreciate Finland Relocation Services’ long experience, expertise and fast service. They know the rapidly changing laws and regulations, and also provide additional information and suggest solutions that we would not have been able to even ask for. Even during the corona epidemic, we have received all the support and help we need; The FRS has kept us updated and provided very useful information. We know that if challenging situations arise, they will help us.”

Helena Mattila, Employee Mobility Specialist, Fortum

“In order to meet expectations of the international players, we need to know them inside-out, so our team is very international. We are looking for talents worldwide and Finland Relocation Services is helping us to bring them over to Finland and make them feel at home in the new country. FRS is not only our link to the Finnish Embassies around the world where our candidates apply for the visas, it is also a friendly helping hand here on the ground when it comes to the accommodation search, local registrations or school applications. But most importantly FRS is a friend who always find personal approach to each individual.”

Katya Dolgova, COO, Redhill Games

“Finland Relocation Services is very professional relocation company, excellent services from start to end. I have had a long co-operation and good partnership with FRS because of their know-how, flexibility and years of experience. All the specialists in FRS are very committed to their work and it helps me on my work as I can totally trust on them. It’s good to have a vendor of which you can continuously hear positive feedback.”

Johanna Peura, Global Mobility Manager, Neste


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